About Me

I'm a software engineer focused on full-stack web development. I help people build modern, responsive, accessible web applications. I'm currently looking for full-time employment with a values-aligned company, and I'm accepting new freelance clients in the meantime. If your web presence could use a boost, let's talk!

I lead with empathy and critical thinking because I believe that's how good decisions are made. I’m at my best when I can build authentic relationships, develop mastery of a subject, solve a complex problem or improve a system. Performance feedback has consistently validated the value I bring; in every employee role I’ve held, I’ve been promoted in my first year and the company I co-founded was profitable and grew over 25% in the first two years.

Outside of work, I am recharged by the mountains. On the weekends you will usually find me flying a paraglider, skiing, or checking out the newest brewery in town.

Recent Projects

Murphy Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/h3>

Bootstrap, SCSS, JavaScript, Netlify - A client's website built using bootstrap.

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HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - An example site for a small busines or restaurant.

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Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook

Node, Express, EJS, MongoDB, and Passport - A practice full stack D&D spell book that allows you to search for and add spells to your personal spellbook.

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